What are human rights?

Human rights are the rules that says what rights people have. Rights are individual. This means that the rules apply to every human being. It is the state that will protect people and ensure that they get their rights. There are different kinds of rights. However, all rights are important. Some rights are polistika and civil. People should have the right to say what they think, believe in any god they want and be able to choose to be in the compounds. Other rights are ekonimista, social and cultural. People should have the right to a job and to feed themselves. People who can not work will get help from the community. Everyone should get medical care, and learn to read and write.

UN rules on human rights.

After World War II, countries began to cooperate with the United Nations, UN. The UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights speaking countries of the United Nations on how they think it should be in the world for people to live in peace and freedom.

This is what the Universal Declaration, among other things, is about:

All people are equal. Human rights apply to all people. All people have the right to live and to be a citizen of a country. States must protect people so they can feel safe. The countries’ laws and courts should treat all people equally. People should be able to travel in their countries and to other countries. States must accept refugees who lack protection in their own countries. People should be free to decide over their lives. They’ll get married, think what they want and believe in what god they want. States must fight against poverty and to ensure that people have jobs and housing, may feed themselves and learn to read and write.