Reception and Introduction

Refugee Reception from 1 December 2010

If you have received a residence permit as a refugee after December 1, 2010, you are covered by the “law of introduction activities for certain newly arrived immigrants.” Then the Employment Service has the primary responsibility for your integration in Sweden. The law applies only to adults aged 20-64. Read more on the Employment Service’s website. http://www.arbetsformedlingen.se/




Refugee Reception prior to December 1, 2010

If you received a residence permit as a refugee before December 1, 2010, and is registered in Västerås so please contact Integration Unit. People who received prior to December 1, 2010 continues its introduction via Västerås Integration Unit. Introduction and introductory benefits are given a maximum of 2 years from the permit date.


introduction program objectives

The introduction by the city’s goal is to provide the conditions for self-support and participation in Swedish society. Work toward the goal occurs after the introduction plan drawn up together with the individual.

Reception of Refugees

All newly arrived refugees, both adults and children, should be recorded on Integration Unit in Västerås. The city has a mission to be involved in establishing conversations with the new arrivals and the Employment Service. Integration Unit to be established at the talks provide information about community resources and housing in Västerås. Is there a need for rehabilitation and that the individual has a performance lower than 25% Integration Unit to take over the introduction of the Employment Service and in conjunction with Asylum and Integration Health and the newcomers establish a rehabilitation plan with the goal as quickly as possible to improve performance in order to get an introduction plan together with the Employment Service.


Integration Unit shall provide civic orientation to all newly arrived refugees. City of Västerås, Integration Unit, has continued reception and introduction responsibility for all children, youth and the elderly over 64 years.

leisure Activities

Integration Unit shall provide assistance and help to both children and adults get active recreation. Inform about different associations and organizations that may be of interest.


Integration unit has a continuing responsibility for accommodation for newly arrived refugees. Informing about the housing market and the possibility of support for further relocation to another municipality that can offer a better accommodation. Accommodation Assistants are also practical support in contract and in move-in accommodation.

home equipment loan

Integration Unit also has the mission to inform and administer applications for home equipment loans.


All children and adolescents aged 1-19 years are reported to Origo makes an educational, motor and psychosocial survey of every individual to be able to find a suitable individual school placement. Origo reach you by phone 021-39 81 37 or 20 021-39 38th

Swedish for immigrants (SFI)

SFI is a basic training in the Swedish language and Swedish society and workplace training in the Swedish language. Västerås charge of Swedish immigrants, SFI. All who do not have Swedish as the main language may read SFI. You have the right to read SFI in adult education if you: • Are registered in Västerås and have a permanent personal number • Are over 20 years old or have secondary qualification from your home country • Lacks basic knowledge of Swedish courses start throughout the year. There are courses on several levels. Enrollment to the SFI made ​​on Adult Education Center (VCU). More information about SFI and contact information for Adult Education Centre located to the right under Related Content.

SFI bonus

Integration Unit is mandated to administer and disburse SFI bonus to those who passed the SFI level B, C or D. The application can be made directly to the Integration Unit Desk or via the agency’s website where you will also find information about the SFI bonus in multiple languages​​. More information about SFI bonus, you can get through the phone 021-39 80 95 or 021-39 80 98. Västerås.



Migration Board leads Twinning Project in Armenia


Migration Board will receive 10 million by the European Commission to lead a new twinning project in Armenia. The project will assist Armenia to approach EU standards when it comes to managing migration.

The quality of the asylum process and readiness for increased number of asylum seekers


Exchange of experiences and discussions with the goal of finding future areas of cooperation for development. It is the focus of the two workshops organized by GDISC * and * Söderköping process this week.



A new assessment of the risks of Iranians who have been politically active outside Iran

Migration Board’s Legal Counsel has adopted new guidelines for how the risk of persecution should be assessed for asylum seekers Iranians who had been politically active outside the home country. Legal Counsel notes that the Iranian regime has both great willingness and ability to monitor its citizens in Sweden.


New policies on asylum seekers’ accommodation

Apartments for asylum seekers to have comparable quality regardless of where in the country they are located. SIS, Swedish Standards Institute and the Immigration Service have worked out the agreement with landlords, government agencies, manufacturers, trade associations, non-profit organizations and a number of municipalities.

Learn more at nyhetsarkiv.http: //www.migrationsverket.se/info/79.html