• October 30, 2014
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Our Project


Rediviv develops projects aimed at finding sustainable solutions to social problems in different countries.

We do not seek short-term solutions, our goal is to create sources of income, employment and social support through the development of entrepreneurship.


Second hand second chance, We stand for solidarity with a social purpose, to help poor single women and children suffering from poverty and displacementin their homeland. The project is to send down of clothing, shoes and electronic stuff, from Sweden to Colombia.



  • Accompanying victimsof landmines org;  According to UNICEF estimates, about one milljon people were killed or maimed by landmines since 1975. Most of them are civilians and about 35 percent are children under 15.Landmines kill or maim about 20 000 men, women and children each year.There is one person in half-hour. Children are particularly vulnerabel to mines. With this project we are supporting the rehabilitation and accommodation (staying on mental and physical therapy) for mine victims not covered by social insurance. We would also help to build networks that canmonitor the completion of rehabilitation in Colombia.




– Project El Salvador- Merari Perez. (San salvador)

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